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1. Jonathan Crist: A rough clone of a ProAc Response with a 8" Peerless driver and Seas tweeter. 2nd / LR cross with a Zobel and pad. Solen/Erse. Finished with a book matched Zebrawood veneer.

2. Dave Price: MTM with Morel MDT33 tweeters, Audax HM130Z0 mids, coupled to a Tymphany LAT 500 Sub in a bandpass cabinet with 2 12" PR's. Crossovers are partially passive - 3rd order series electrircal on the MTM, with no xover to the sub.

3. Dave Price brought the MTM speaker that he demoed at the Fall 2009 meeting. Dave mentioned he had completely revamped the bass alignment to improve performance.

4. Mike Littleton AKA "mikela": Sealed Statements - These are the sealed version of the Statements found on htguide.com. The Statements are a W-M/T/M-W design based on Dayton RS225 woofers, Tangband W4-1337S Titanium mids and a Fountek NeoCD3.0 ribbon tweeter. The mids are an open backed transmission line design. The Statements project is a collaborative design with Jim Holtz, Curt Campbell and Wayne Wendel as it's creators.

5. Peter Liloyan: These speakers, used as side channels in a surround sound system, employ NHT1259 woofers, crossed second order at 325hz to a SEAS Nomex Excel W15 Nextel, in turn crossed to a Fountek JP2 ribbon tweeter at 3500 with a second order. The 3.5 cuft cabinet uses sandwich construction panels. 

6. Charlie Laub: This is a small, 2-way, active speaker built in to a 5 liter closeout Miller and Kreisel cabinet. The woofer is a Peerless 830527 and the tweeter is the Vifa D26NC55. Bass extension is limited to about 150Hz. The active electronics in each speaker include a 3k Hz LR4 active crossover, baffle step compensation, and dual LM3886 chip amps. Separate internal AC-to-DC power supplies feed the crossover and chip amps. Due to the small size of the cabinet, the transformers were located in separate enclosures and the secondaries routed to the speakers via 3-conductor cable terminated with Neutrik PowerCon hardware. A pair of subwoofers was used to augment the bass. Each sub used a 12" driver with an in-box response of Q=0.65 and Fc=47Hz. A Linkwitz-Transform circuit extended the response to Fc=20Hz, Q=0.85.
15. Louis Pandula: 0.3 cu-ft, 3-way, surround sound speaker, MTTSTM configuration (dual tweeter and super tweeter), Dayton DA115, 5-1/4" aluminum cone woofer, Tang Band W1-1070SE, 1" aluminum cone full range, Aura NT1, 3/4" titanium dome tweeter

16. Jon Pike: "The Wedding Present" This is a Modula MT with stands using the RS180S / RS28A The cabinets are finished with striped African mahogany veneer, with matching wood on the stands.
9. Steve & Rick: High efficiency MTM system. Powered using a custom-purpose built, 15W, class-A, battery-powered amplifier (for the MTM section), and augmented wtih an in-cabinet subwoofer powered by an external amp.
Spring 2010 Meeting
7. Jonathan Crist: "Diaphonys" A multi-cabinet Dipole with a 10" separation between 21" w x 18" h x 6" deep cabinets to help redirect reflected waves that would normally be blocked by the baffle.. SB Acoustics 29RDC-0004 for highs crossed at 1550Hz, Usher Audio 8945A for mids,  and an Eminence Alpha 15A for lows crossed around 260Hz (lower cab same as the upper but box extended to 12" depth). A 2nd order LR with the low end of the Usher rolling off naturally on the low end. Upper cab has a 8" tube to direct waves from the Usher to the back of the upper cabinet to help minimize re-reflection to the back of the driver. Bent 6" diameter plywood half rounds were used as edges for the cabinets to help reduce diffraction loss and to improve off axis response. Walnut book matched veneer.

8. Louis Pandula: 0.6cu-ft, two-way, tower. Aurum Cantus AC-130MKII 5-1/4", carbon fiber/kevlar woofer, Morel CAT408 1-1/8" soft dome tweeter.
11. Zilch: Entry-level EconoWave with Dayton DC300-8 woofers and Selenium D2500Ti-Nd compression drivers on JBL PT waveguides.
12. Zilch: Deluxe EconoWave using Eminence KappaLite 3012LF woofers with B&C compression drivers on QSC 152i waveguides.

The two systems by Zilch are documented in a thread on the PE Tech-Talk forum:
13. Joe Manalo: Linkwitz Orion Speakers. All wood work was done by Joe. The electronics for the speakers consisted of eight channels of Truepath monoblocks and line-level electronics built in to a single 3U case. A Lightspeed Attenuator (from DIY Audio) was used for volume control.

14. John Busch: Large open baffle speakers using two Goldwood 18" woofers, Seas midwoofer and 1" dome buyout (Dali) tweeter.
This event was held in several function rooms at the Warehouse Ministries church in Roseville, CA. The day was split between loudspeaker demos, speaker frequency response measurements, and a noon time lecture. We had a great turnout of about 45 people including some who had driven up from hundreds of miles away! At the end of the event there was a massive raffle of drivers and speaker kits.

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Special Guests:

Sigfried Linkwitz gave a talk on concepts related to accurate recording and reproduction of sound. Sigfried was very gracious answering questions after the talk and in an informal session following. In addition, he donated many drivers to the raffle.

Surprise guest Nelson Pass dropped by in the afternoon. He exchanged ideas with several attendees, talked about amp building, and even gave away some components.

Thanks to both for their substantive and interesting discussions on DIY audio!
Below: Some of the raffle prizes and items for sale
10. Skip Pack: Open Baffle using Altec 605Bs. Crossover design by Jeff Markwart.