We used one of the function rooms of the Roseville Warehouse Ministries Church for speaker demoing and another for speaker testing (thanks Mark!). We had a good turnout of about 20-30 people and lots of stuff in the "For Swap/Sale" area, thanks to Charlie and Chaz!

Below are pics and some desciptions from the meeting. Some have comments but many do not. If you want to supply a comment for a picture, please follow the link listed as "need pic info". If you have other pictures taken at the event that you want me to post, just click here to contact me.
Lots of Pictures! Please be patient while they load.
All eyes are on the front as the meeting gets going!
Chaz Moore brought years worth of audio collectables, parts, magazines, equipment and speakers. It took up one whole side of the room!
Chaz also brought his first (below at bottom) and most recent (left) speaker projects.
Left: Bill Mennuti talking about his Metronomes built around a Hemp Acoustics driver. These sounded great and would work well in a small sized room. See more about these speakers at:
Dan Carrol showing off a pair of speakers he calls the "Advocates" built around the Dayton RS-180 and RS-28A drivers. Dan did his own veneering using the glue + iron method. Sounded and looked great!
Michael Ross and friend Alan brought all of the speakers they built for a 5-channel surround system. These all used the same North Creek drivers in different formats and had very thick baffles and sides. That's a picture of one (center top photo) which I think is a sandwich of 2 layers of 0.75-inch MDF and one of 0.5-inch birch plywood! All of them sounded very nice!
Left: Mark K hard at work in the testing room at the meeting. He brought his Praxis setup, mic and stand and did measurements during most of the show. No speakers this year however I'm sure he will have some smart project next time. Thanks Mark!
John Busch brought a small dipole system featuring his usual superb cabinet construction! Just kidding John! How many elements were in the crossover this time??? Unfortunately I didn't get to hear these...
Steve and Rick brought their 2-way high efficiency system and according to them the bugs had been worked out this time! As usual, they had great imaging and were a pleasure to listen to.
The man known as AE brought a pair of speakers that he just had put together the night before. He was tweaking the crossover during the meeting to get it right. Actually it is a "crossoverless system" using two woofers playing full range and a piezo tweeter connected in parallel with the woofers and in series with an adjustable resistor which was set at around 350 Ohms or so to create constant current drive for the piezo. It actually didn't sound as bad as I had imagined once he made some final adjustments to the resistor. Good for loud Jimmy Hendrix, which oddly enough was his musical selection du jour!
Last up on the slate for speaker demos was Don Alley with his Vifa/Scan-Speak speaker. Great midrange but not well suited for the large room that we were in. "No bloom" according to Don, but maybe this was partly due to the fact that we needed to scrounge up some amplification for Don because the normal 150WPC integrated amp didn' t make it to the meeting this year. Rumor is that Don is working in his secret lab on a new 3-way project for the next meeting...
We also had some nice projects in the electronics section this year. On the left, I think by Bill Mennuti, is a single ended amp project he built on to an upside down roasting pan! Nice job, but what will you do at Thanksgiving this year? There was also an amp converted to full battery power but someone will have to EMail me with the details on that since I have completely forgotten... Also on display was a passive preamp from Steve O'Toole, shown at bottom.
Steve also had a squeezebox set up this year and we had a Phillips HDCD player and Audio Alchemy Anti-Jitter filter. Hmmm, maybe also a home made DAC???
I think this is the passive pre-amp...
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